Electronics Dep.

 How to contract electronic design work with us
        ANY company or customers who has brought a product to
        market knows that just having a great idea is not enough. Progressing
        a product from a simple idea or   customer demand to commercialisation
        is a long, uncertain one, and for those who do not have the engineering
        expertise, the path can be even more daunting. Contract design firms can
        help smooth the road from concept to commercialisation, but as with any
        form of outsourcing, along with the opportunities come some potential pitfalls.
      -ideas of ur product
      -skectch or draft either in paper or cad file
      -discussion with us ur functions of the product
 What we do
      A lot of clients or designers who has the talent design skills
     to design wheather a brand new ideas or the innovation product.
     we would provide our expertise to fullfill clients one turnkey solution.
     -Electronics consultant for free
     -Product design
     -PCB layout
     -structure deisgn
     -2 weeks design schedule
The Quote
      The price depending on how much workload from us.
      But we would provide the acceptable price for our clients.
Let us know for further infomation..