Wireless Charger Coil

4832HB (RX)
3832SB (RX)
5050H A1
          Sticker Attached with Coil
4832S (RX)
5252H  5050H  A1/A6 (TX)
Wireless charger coil
Made In taiwan
• Wireless charging receiving coil/Ferrite
• For Rx applications up to 10 W
• Optimized for 5 V charging circuitry
• High permeability shielding for wireless charging
receiving coils
• Blocks charging flux from sensitive components or
• High saturation powdered iron - not affected by
permanent locating magnets
• Durable construction

we sell Qi spec Ti solution wireless power module.
Litz coil, core,magnet and TX,RX modules.
best price and quality
Wireless Chager Table Chart