Wafer Grinding

In order to supply our customers with stable and high quality diamond segments, we use the diamond not only best and top quality, but also from overseas famous companies like Element Six Co.(De Beers).
Our expertise was from sintering Core or Ferrite, then expending to the Semiconductor field for well controll
the recipe of for all necessaries composite.  Process of cold press mold design and hot press temp. controlled by the precision oven and well been applied by the thinning process of Saphire substrate, GaN, and Etc.
Diamond Wheels
-Reduce sub-surface damage
-Excellent wheel wear characteristics
-Low heat generation
-Controlled Diamond Distribution
-Consistent removal rates
Common Material Application:
Common Tool Compatible:
Segment Features: 
seuratek diamond segment
 Process of Grinding:
grinding process seuratek
 Ordinary Part Number Naming System:
seuratek grinding wheel spec
 Back Grinding Seuratek
CG series
Our CG series and RG mostly applied to semi
counductor mateiral, such as compounds,
expoxy, ceramic, and other related mateirals
 The new CG and RG series grinding wheels
from seuratek are excellent choice for proces
-sing silicone wafers, and a range of other
materials such as Ceramics, Compounds, christals,
and so on. In addition, seuratek can offer wheels
to match your processing requirements for desired wafer sizes. The CG series wheels are being produced by using special ceramics bond and resinoid bonds for rough grinding and fine grinding.
 seuratek grinding wheel
Product Availability:
coarse and fine spec